Blog Take 2 | Bridal Support by Leeah (BSBL) launch

We meet again, blog world! I had assumed my satirical look at in blog format wouldn’t last long, but 3 posts and now almost 4 years later – it’s true, it was a weird blip in time, merely a lark and certainly not worth the internet space. Now, onto bigger and better blogs – to not only support my new business but also where I’d like to go with Bridal Support by Leeah. You may have noticed the name, Propellers & Petals, which alludes to the hope of doing more honeymoon/vacation planning as well as eventually adding in floral design.
Hopefully, it’s a new blog that’ll stay around for a while with your support!

Yes, I do plan to document my development as a professional in the wedding industry but I’d also like to share my love of travel (and perhaps spark some honeymoon inspiration!) as well as credit some of the other very talented people in the industry as I continue to learn and grow. I am new to the industry and I will blatantly state things as they are – I am neither a photographer nor a journalist. Yes, the majority of my photos (until further notice) will probably be from my iPhone. Yes, there will be typos and probably too many commas (because I love them!). But, hey, I’ll call it a stream of consciousness blog. I realize it will take time and I hope that you’ll stick with me while I build my new home here on the interwebs. Eventually, these pages will be filled with beautiful images of happy couples, newly-wedded duos, unbelievable landscapes and scenery and perhaps some artfully crafted florals. Until then, please share your feedback, ask questions and introduce yourself!

It’s pretty exciting to hold a business card with my name on it that says “Owner” – but I do realize how much work it will be. So thank you in advance for your support and happy vibes, I’ll take all that you’re willing to share!



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