Norway | Honeymoon Idea #1

As I’m getting settled into this ‘blogging’ thing I figured I would start my Honeymoon Inspiration section with the location of my own honeymoon – Norway. The most magnificent, awe inspiring country I’ve ever visited with the most humble and patriotic people I’ve ever met.

My hubby and I set off the morning after our wedding celebration (what a blast that was!) to head over to his native land – well not really, maybe the native land of his great great great grandparents. Either way, we now shared a last name that screamed “Norwegian!” and couldn’t wait to put it to the test. It was our first time renting a car in a foreign country; and I must say, it’ll be hard to ever go back. I’m so spoiled. Anyway – guess what happened! The rental guy saw our last name and asked “Oh are you Norwegian?” We felt so awesome.

We started our adventure in Bergen – in which we were too tired from dancing and jet-lagged to enjoy. Which is just heartbreaking to look back on. However, we ate some delicious fish fresh from the sea (in sushi form), drank some beers out on a patio complete with individual table heaters and wool blankets and checked out some incredibly Scandinavian home décor stores. In my sleep haze – it was glorious.

Driving up the coast for 4 more days, we couldn’t believe the things we saw. Valleys that went on for miles, beautiful fjords that took your breath away, the craziest road placements you could possibly imagine – it was all just too surreal. However we walked away with a lot of lessons learned which is why you travel, right? It certainly is one of our reasons – that and to drink lots of beer! Tips to follow, should you so choose, in Norway:

  1. Be aware of your conversion rates. It’s easy to think you’re only spending $30 on dinner when it’s actually $300, don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  2. Along those lines, be aware of what of the actual price. My hubby and I wanted to enjoy some beers back at our hotel so we thought we’d cheat the system and go to the store and buy a few. We thought “Sweet!! This 6 pack is so cheap!” No – that 6 pack price was actually the cost of just 1 can! That’s right, we spent about $80 on two 6 packs.
  3. Check ferry times before deciding when to wake up the next morning. Yes – we did miss the ferry through the most beautiful fjord in Norway. Instead we stood up on the cliff and watched the little boat float away… If you look really close in the last image you can see our ferry in the middle of the fjord (obviously without us).
  4. Stop your car. Unbuckle your seat belt. Just LOOK at all of the incredible things, with your eyeballs – not your viewfinder. Trust me, you will want to take pictures of everything, do that (duh!) but then just stand there and enjoy it. Enjoy the enormity of everything. The beauty of everything. It’s such a special country and every square inch of it is worth devouring with your eyes.

Thinking about Norway or any other Scandinavia countries for your honeymoon? Contact me and I can help build your perfect itinerary!


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