Local Vendor | Angela Divine Photography

The first time I met Angela was roughly 3 years ago. I was settling down on my yoga mat for a lovely heated class on a snowy winter night in Minnesota when Holly Hunter started talking to us about relaxing on our mats and letting our stress go – I had to look, it was not Holly Hunter. But it was Angela (that voice is on pointe!) and then I was obsessed. I was so lucky to have her as my mentor as I started on my own yoga teaching adventure and now as I am getting starting in the wedding industry. She was the perfect person to start my “Local Vendor Spotlight” series with, so please read and enjoy. If you’re in need of a photographer with some pretty sweet awards to her name – well she’s your gal!

With a goal of being a lifelong wedding photographer, Angela has been making her name known in the Minneapolis area for 5 years already. And what seems to be the most common entrance into the wedding industry, meaning the accidental one, she seems to be in love with the love stories. “In college, I majored in photography, and for my senior thesis, I created a series in which I would assemble lots of photographs from one scene into a larger photograph that would manipulate movement to show a larger story.    One of my friend’s sisters loved my work and commissioned me to create a piece from her wedding day.  I showed up with my first digital camera, and maybe it was the free cake, but I wanted more weddings!”

One of the coolest things of being in the wedding industry is getting to experience other people’s love. Sound’s cliché, yes, but it’s so true. Angela loves to experience the first look moment but”sometimes the couple just looks at each other and is like, ‘sweet you look great’  and that’s it.” But this season she got to experience something much more special. “This one was more intense in the best way possible!  The groom was blown away by his beautiful bride and was brought to tears.  He was so sincere and astonished by his bride’s beauty, and as they embraced, I felt like I was capturing raw emotion and beauty in a way I had never seen it.” Honestly, I have no idea how she keeps it together – I was crying at my desk just reading that.

In the very few months I’ve been part of the wedding industry here in Minneapolis I’ve realized it’s kind of a really special (small) community. “Everyone is friendly, willing to share their ideas and techniques, but most importantly, willing to help each other out- we all support each other.  I also love the other vendors.  There are a lot of innovative and interesting people in the city who bring their heart and soul into the business.  They take it to the next level.  I have met brewers who craft barrels of a chocolate raspberry stout just for the bride who doesn’t drink beer but likes chocolate and raspberries.  I’ve met a hot dog truck guy who made a vegan, gluten free hot dog (I mean at this point- is it even a hot dog?) because some of the guests have food allergens.  We are people pleasers here in MPLS.  This industry is full of passion and creativity.” For many reasons, if you’re in Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you’ve picked a really special spot.

She’s left us with a few tips and tricks for planning to work with your photographer (her? maybe?!), but first – my own PSA: If you plan to have any unicorn themes/accessories in your upcoming nuptials Angela is DYING to participate. Unicorn features can range from: Unicorn cakes, head dresses or even just getting married on a rainbow are all options. Really, anyone planning a theme weddings or nontraditional ceremony should reach out to her; she’ll be your biggest fan!


  • Meet your photographer in person before booking them. On your wedding day she’ll be your personal stalker (her words, not mine, although I would have picked the same ones) so if the vibe isn’t working out, it might be strange to make out in front of her (again her words). Having a friendship with your photographer is key, even if it’s just for your wedding day, having someone who can make you laugh and relax can really make the images that much more special.
  • Be yourself! It’s so easy to put on your cheese face but the tight shoulders and dead eyes will show in ever image. The best shots and her best work comes from everyone involved being relaxed and the bridal party pretending she isn’t there.
  • Take some time alone with your photographer either for your first look or after your ceremony. Everyone’s emotions will be raw and as a result generally more relaxed, allow her to capture the private moments – you’ll be so thankful in 20 years looking back.

Check her out more work on her website. Or feel free to reach out to her either via theknot.com or reach out to me and I can get you her personal contact information!


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