Best of 2015 | 2016 Trends

I only got married about a year ago but seeing some of the incredible things that have become popular this year makes me wish we could do it again! 2016 looks to be just as beautiful and elegant! With it being the end of the year, I wanted to take a few moments to appreciate the beauty of 2015 but also note some of the things I’m most excited for in 2016. So here it goes!


My Favorites:

  • water color
  • colored dresses
  • an abundance of florals
  • Iceland

Everything I saw this year was so dreamy, from pastel colored dresses to florals bursting over tables to the loose and bohemian bouquets – I was in awe of everything. I worked on incredibly stylish wedding that pulled so many of the 2015 (and 2016) trends together. One beautiful bride in particular created her own paper products with a water color base – once I saw these beauts I couldn’t help but notice that water color is EVERYWHERE and rightfully so, its whimsical look is perfect for weddings.

Minneapolis day of coordinator Bridal Support by Leeah
Said watercolor – made by the incredibly talented bride herself! Photo courtesy of Gentleman & a Lady

A trend I did start to see a year or two ago has started to come mainstream – the colored wedding dress. How magnificent! I’m obsessed. 2015 was a very feminine year for the wedding industry. Very Instagram worthy. 2016 looks to be no different.

Floral will always be a major focus at any wedding – so it was amazing to see such an abundance of it this year! Many of the weddings I worked and attended had greens and blooms pouring off the edges of the tables, not to mention huge and loose bouquets. Florals had a stellar year, let’s soak in its beauty.

Travel has its trends as well which, of course, includes honeymoon locations. Iceland was featured everywhere this year (Justin Bieber music video, anyone?!). Still affordable and so very convenient to get to, this beautiful island is small enough to explore in just a week and a half. The romantic northern lights and geothermal spas in almost every city will give you the perfect opportunities to snuggle with your honey. Check out my write up!



Things I’m excited for!:

  • unique cakes
  • greenery
  • calligraphy
  • Japan

I’m so excited to start working with my brides for 2016, there are some very cool details I’m excited to execute!

First trend I’m seeing a lot of is the return of the wedding cake – not just the traditional 3-tier cake but grand, funky, awesome cakes! A few years ago we were seeing a lot of dessert bars or candy bars, yes these are still delicious and amazing things but it’s safe to say that the ‘traditional‘ wedding cake is making a comeback. Gorgeous icing flowers and fun blow up animals are taking cakes to the next level for 2016.

2015 might have been the year of flowers, but 2016 is going to be the year of greens. I’d already started to see eucalyptus sneaking into almost every bouquet this fall, but it’s going to get big next year. All greens bouquets and centerpieces are making their way to the show this year!

2016 wedding trends, minneapolis wedding planning
Beautiful greenery via, photograph courtesy of Vicki Grafton Photography

Calligraphy has started to be a huge trend in Minneapolis this year, with a lot of local paper shops and design schools offering community classes to brides and crafters alike. So many trend boards and blogs are showing calligraphy and other unique fonts to support the whimsical and soft trends of the year. Check out my Paper. board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Japan has popped up on some 2016 must-travel lists – surprising? I suppose a little. With Tokyo being named the world’s top city for quality of life, travel analysts are assuming even more people will travel to this little island over the next year to see what the hype is all about. Not only that but with the 2020 Olympics being hosted in Tokyo, new development and new attractions will start to draw new tourists to the country between now and then to get in before the craziness of the official event. I had the pleasure of traveling here earlier this year – check out my post here.




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