2016 | A Year to Accomplish Great Things!

Even numbered years have been my jam. For some reason I just feel a little more positive and a bit more optimistic in these years. Odd number years seemed to have always marked decisions for me or big life events, like being born and graduating high school/college or frustrating things like my father moving out of state. Or starting a business! But even years, specifically the years after big scary things have happened (with the exception of 2012)– have always been pretty peaceful and rewarding. I can’t imagine that 2016 would break this trend. So I have a few things I’d like to accomplish this year, personal and professional, and I was told that if you tell friends your goal they’ll support you (or at least call you out when you make a poor decision).

Here’s to big things happening in 2016:

  1. Blog at least 50 times
  2. Interview a minimum of 10 local vendors (two on the books – 8 to go!)
  3. Execute perfect* weddings for the brides I have on the books!
  4. Help/pull together 3 styled shoots
  5. Travel somewhere new
  6. Surprise my husband 3 times (absolute minimum!)
  7. Stay sugar free for 2016 (so far so good!)
  8. Figure out mobile/electronic payment options for BSBL
  9. Get SEO savvy!
  10. Ride in a hot air balloon
    *perfect for the bride :):)

There it is. Some basic numbers that are believable and some fun mixed in with the hard work. I think this year is going to be fabulous!!


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