Wedding Countdown | 5 Months Out

Wedding season in Mpls/StP starts getting into full motion around May and with the ringing in of the new year, we’re now just right around the corner from the first weddings of the season! Where are you on your timeline? Regardless of where you are, a year, 6 months or 3 weeks – I assure you that you have more time than you think! It’s amazing how many people are happy and willing to help you if it’s crunch time. If not (tell them they are mean), but trust me, there are plenty of professionals out there to help.

If you’re 5 months out (or 6 or 7!) chances are you’ve got almost all of your big vendors out of the way. You’ve locked down your venue (ceremony and reception), caterer, florist, photographer and probably DJ. The last few people to be booked usually include any ceremony musicians, rentals (linens, suits/tuxes, etc) and your coordinator! You’re also probably starting to have a serious conversation about your final guest list and sending out your save the dates (if you haven’t done so already!) and putting some thought into seating arrangements.

For real though, now it’s just the details. Which is where I come in! If you’re a client of mine or are working with a full planner, chat with them for recommendations for how to display your place cards, menus or other paper goods. Have a discussion about your venue and talk about stations – card/present area, welcome/sign in area, desserts or refreshment locations, etc. There are so many little details to think through that you’re wedding planning or coordinating professionals are there to help you think through everything!

Now is also the time to start thinking through the little details that are going to make your wedding stand out. Did you go to a wedding last year that had the BEST emergency/bathroom amenities? Grab a few things every time you run to Target over the next few months. What about those super adorable cake toppers they have these days? Start doing research to find the perfect one for you! What about favors? If you can’t afford to send all of your guest’s home with a puppy, check out my Pinterest board for some fun ideas.

This is the fun part of the planning so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, reach out to someone! Get some wine with your girlfriends and talk through ideas. If you are completely stuck and Pinterest isn’t doing it for you, I am in the wedding industry for a reason and am obsessed with these details so don’t hesitate to reach out to me. The Knot offers some great timeline checklists as well as a lot of people have contributed their own to plenty of other sites, just google ‘wedding timelines’ and I am sure you’ll find something to get working on!

Happy wedding planning!


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