Happy Wedding M&D!

Guys, one of my nearest and dearest friends said “I do!” over the weekend – and it was magical in every single way! As anticipated, M was majestic and beautiful, D was poised and handsome – they were perfect. So was their day at the historic St. James Hotel in Red Wing, MN.

As my wedding gift to M, I offered to do her flowers. Yikes! Quite a few people know that someday I’d love to move into the floral industry. I’ve acquired a few mentors who are incredible and supportive. Not to mention my friends have provided me with opportunities to practice my skills – either a dinner party or a wedding. So it’s safe to say that I’m surrounding myself with people who support me completely. It’s a great feeling.

So this weeks adventure in bouquet making I used all my resources and am so very very thankful! The week started on Tuesday with a call to the local wholesaler here in Minneapolis, Koehler and Dramm. I admitted to the sales rep that I had NO idea what I was doing and that while I’m a member I’ve never actually shopped there. He talked me through the steps and asked if I knew what I wanted and he could pull things aside. I knew I needed magnolia leaves for sure and sure enough he said “Oh, that’s coming to the end of the season – I’ll need to check.” Um. Problem. Of all the items in her bouquet that M and I discussed and she for sure wanted were magnolia leaves… So while I was having a minor heart attack, Kevin was off looking for leaves. Three long minutes later, Kevin confirmed there were 3 bunches left! Perfect, I took them all!

Wednesday arrived and I knew I was going to the studio that afternoon to put a bouquet together but had yet to acquire any actual goods. I headed to K&D over lunch to meet up with my buddy Kevin. He greeted me with my beautiful magnolia leaves and sent me on my way. I searched for only about 30 minutes to find  the perfect ingredients. Might I add, my heart rate was racing, I was a little sweaty and slightly nauseous thinking of everything that could possibly go wrong. What if M hates it?! What if I realize I have no idea what I’m

My goodies at K&D

doing? What if I kill everything? What if I get in a car accident and they all get smooshed on my way down to Red Wing?! There was serious drama happening in my head. Big K came back and talked me off the ledge and told me I had picked some really fun things, and then asked if I was making a centerpiece for a brunch event. No. No Kevin, I’m not. I’m making my friend’s wedding bouquet… Again, I started to sweat, started to think of all the things that could go wrong. It was a very stressful lunch break.

Getting back to the office I was ravenous from my high intensity flower run, in fact my coworker Callie asked if I had just worked out. No. No I did not, but I’m sure my heart rate was high enough to burn a few extra calories and yes I might smell like sweat. It was turning into a weird day.

After work I headed over to the studio, better known to the world as Sadie’s Couture Floral & Event Styling. Melissa, the owner, is potentially one of the coolest people I’ve ever met in my life. She did the flowers for my wedding and about a year later I reached out to her to get the scoop on how the floral industry works. I’ve worked an event with her and she so kindly offered to let me use her space (and also a few of her employees) to prep my bouquets. She’s an angel. So I headed over there with my goodies in tow and got set up at a station and literally stared at my greens for a solid 10 minutes before realizing I need to do something. I had an idea of what I wanted, but my lack of motor skills and hand/eye coordination seemed to be causing a few problems.

Magnolia leaves ❤

Over the next three hours I ran the gamut of all my possible emotions. I was so excited to be there but so frustrated with my lack of skills, jealous of how easy the other girls made it look. I was #learning. I also sweated more. Somehow, with the help of everyone at the studio, I pulled together 4 darling bouquets for the bells girls, three adorable little boutonnieres for the bell boys, a stylish boutonniere for the groom and the most exquisite bouquet I’ve ever made (technically only the 6th one I’ve ever made). I was elated. And also really excited to mix a drink and watch some TV.

We popped my creations into the cooler and I headed home feeling like a complete bad ass. I’m chasing dreams, I thought. My mama would be so proud.

Two days later the adventure to Red Wing began!

Sunrise over Red Wing

Saturday we woke up early to get the day started. Make up had to be applied, hairs had to be curled and plucked and dressed needed to be steamed. It was going to be an amazing day – I could just tell. However, I also felt like I was about to be sick with nerves on presenting my finished products to M. Now, I knew that this wouldn’t be a problem as M smiles and hugs you for any type of accomplishment – but I still feared for the worst. I got lucky though cause she loved them.

We then danced, ate, drank and celebrated their love until our feet fell off and it was amazing. Love you both to the moon, happy wedding day M&D!


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