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I’ve known Kit for a long time, we both were average track athletes in a small rural Minnesota town together. Her friends were my friends, my friends were her friends yet you never really hung out – you know that type of situation. Small towns everyone knows your business because everyone knows everyone, just how it is. As we both did with almost all hometown connections, we lost touch throughout college and reconnected once I was in dire need a bada$$ stylist. Enter Kit.

Kit of today is one of the most beautiful ladies I know, she’s so passionate about what she does and shes so GOOD at what she does. She also happens to love doing wedding hair and makeup. The past year she’s picked up more brides than usual and with her recent naming of being an “I am St. Paul” crown jewel – you can anticipate to see more of her. Her dreams are as awesome as her eyebrows and knowing how far she’s come, she’ll get there.

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Let’s start her interview about 15 years ago in a little town called Blue Earth, MN… “I will never forget when I colored my hair for the first time, I was 13 and the box dye was pitch black.  My mother forbid me from coloring my hair but I did it anyway, in my friend’s bathroom.  When I came home that evening my mom saw me for the first time, and she cried.  I felt bad so I wrote her an apology note that she still has to this day, 15 years later.  Even though my mother was unhappy I was thrilled that one small box could instantly change my look.  I was hooked.  A million rainbow colors later, a shaved head, mohawk & a back to a bob, I had tried it all before I hit 18.  I did my own hair, my friends hair, my dads hair, whoever. ”

Originally attending U of M for sculpture (clay), she decided she was bored and that she needed to change up her medium and switched to hair and makeup at the Aveda institute in hopes this would lead to a glamorous lifestyle. After school she had an incredible opportunity to study with the one and only Horst Rechelbacher – the founder of Aveda, people! Followed by some time at Ficocellos to build up her clientele, Kit became assistant manager, started teaching hair cutting classes and instructing at training centers. She was making such an impact on not just her clients but others in the industry – it was time. In March 2015 she started renting her own chair at Salon Moda and working for herself (everyone’s dream – amIright?!).

She’s been transforming people’s looks for almost a decade, both hair and makeup. While she loves hair styling – her future lies in makeup. The industry takes a toll on you and is physically and mentally exhausting – I mean listening to everyone’s crazy stories all day and everyday has got to be intense. Don’t worry, “What’s said in the chair, stays in the chair” is Kit’s salon motto! Moving into the beauty industry would be an easy transition for this makeup aficionado.

I can tell you over and over, until I’m blue in the face how awesome she is – however IAMSTP shares my sentiment and that’s incredible. For the first time, Kit wasn’t the one backstage prepping the models, she was one of the featured influential young people to represent St. Paul in this year’s I Am St. Paul – a yearly variety show showcasing local talent while fundraising. Check it out here. “The night was filled with meeting so many young amazing people from all walks of life who are making a difference in the community.  This past winter I started a warm weather clothing drive at my salon called Heat my Heart.  We were able to donate BAGS of great new winter gear to a local women’s shelter.” Inspired by the inspiration you could say.

Alright, so brides, pay attention: Kit loves bridal hair – she sees it as creating a beautiful sculpture. The actual wedding day brings so much excitement to the salon and you can’t help but be happy. Kit highly recommends bringing photos to your trial run or day of to ensure you both know and agree on what is happening – communication is key! “Its so great to finish a bride and you can see her glowing!”

Advice from Kit for the brides to be:
1. Do look at photos and come with an open mind
2. Consider your dress, is it strapless? high neck? low back?
3. We can always fake it! Thank you clip ins!
4.  If you wear your hair up every single day, you will probably want your hair up and vice versa

For 2016 trends, Kit says “anything goes” – textured updos, softer updos as well as flower crowns. Plus less veils, more accessories!

More tips from Kit on growing your hair (but keeping it healthy) before the big day:
Make sure to get frequent trims! Every 8-10 weeks
Deep conditioners once a week!
Less Heat styling, embrace your natural texture!
One word : oils!  I love Moroccan oil to prevent hair from breaking!
I recommend a haircut 4 weeks before the big day, and a fresh color 2 week before
Wah-la! In no time your hair will be wedding ready!

mn weddings, beautiful mn wedding hair, kit cuts hair, wedding coordinator

As for makeup, wedding’s can be really fun! “Winged eye and red lips with a holly wood wave.  Softer boho updo with golden eye tones and a pink lip. The looks are endless.  Even the most simple tricks can make each brides natural looks pop!  Even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, wearing more than usual might feel different but photos are forever!  This is your wedding day, you should feel a little extra fancy. Even adding false eyelashes can make one feel more confident and really open up those eyes!  I love golden and copper tones on the eye because they can compliment almost any eye color.  A little extra highlighting and blush can really make a bride look much brighter!”

Do it up! Have fun, feel beautiful. Kit can help you out for everyday fixes as well as bridal support. Find her on Facebook “Kit Cuts Hair,” follow her in Instagram @kitcutshair or just give her a call 612.718.9852.


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