Mexico | Honeymoon Idea #4

Some of my favorite foods are cheese, guacamole and sugar. It’s a no brainier that Mexico cuisine is basically what I live for. So to say I ate my way through Puerto Vallarta is an understatement.

Mexico has so much to offer vacationers, especially honeymooners. The relaxing white sandy beaches on the east and the adventurous mountains and waves in the west allow brides and grooms to create the escape the want.
honeymoon planner and wedding coordinator
Not only that, but it’s relatively close, affordable and warm – perfect option for a winter or early spring wedding. There are tons of tours to choose from in almost all of Mexico’s large cities as well a lot of culture experience options. And don’t even get me started on the food!!
While a lot of people know English and the peso to dollar conversion is rather easy to find/figure out – you’d think there would be minimal slip ups for me on this trip. Never the case. Check out a few tips and tricks for planning and experiencing your adventure to Mexico:
1. Know what you’re paying for. Day trip packages are perfect, they set you up with a vehicle, food an activities – really it’s a no brainier. However if you have a specific activity or location in mind check with the company to make sure you will actually get to enjoy the spot fully. It’s a bummer to arrive at the spot you’ve been waiting to get to all day only to find out you get to spend 30 minutes there.
2. Bring Dramamine. Don’t get motion sickness? Cars, boats or trams don’t bother you? Well the mix of crazy driving, potholes and margaritas might! Even if you aren’t affected, someone with you might which can easily bring the excursion down a bit.
3. Share. Of all the countries I’ve traveled to, Mexico provides you with the most food and drink per order. Why not order a couple things to share – trust me you’ll be full even if you share one dish! *yes I realize this generalizes all restaurants but take a look at other tables and use your best judgement.
4. Don’t judge prep planned tours.  Tours aren’t always for your grandparents. A lot of tours in Mexico have deals with small local businesses so don’t be surprised if you stop in someone’s backyard to try their homemade cheese. This type of activity, as well as historical information or stories are why sometimes it’s okay to get on that air conditioned bus and let someone else figure it out.
Want ideas, recommendation or help planning your trip to Mexico? Reach out to me on my website and let’s chat!

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