Local Vendor | Honey & Rye

There is something in Minneapolis that is life changing; it’s the asiago sourdough loaf at Honey & Rye. While you’re at it, pick up some of their homemade Twix bars and feel as your heart and soul melt into perfect harmony. Seriously, their food does some pretty amazing things to your mental and spiritual health!

This is why I am SO so excited to be partnering with them for my first ever styled shoot! There are some incredible people working with us, all of whom I would consider artists of their own mediums. Anne, Kate and their fabulous team over at Honey & Rye make heavenly sweet treats come to life in the most adorable way. I got to sit with both of them and pick Anne’s, the owner, brain a little about her background.

While Honey & Rye is still just a toddler here in the Minneapolis area (they opened their

local minneapolis vendors, wedding desserts
Owner of Honey & Rye, the lovely Anne

doors two and a half years ago), Anne’s been baking for almost a decade! Her love for baking at home turned into a job at a bakery out in California before deciding to make a career out of it. She stayed on the west coast to attend school at the San Francisco Baking Institute (to make it official) before moving back to Minnesota.

Along the way, she’s been lucky enough to find some great mentors, one specifically at her first baking job in Oakland taught her some of the most important information for baking – be patient! I’m sure her practice of not rushing the dough has helped in raising her new little baby as well as growing her business so quickly and successfully here in MPLS.

“It’s very rewarding work, to see a case filled with delicious baked goods and think ‘that was worth waking up at 4am to do!’ and then, of course, watching people devour them so you can do it all over again tomorrow!” Her new little family as well as her fabulous team at Honey & Rye makes it easy to come in each day with a fresh start. Omg, I can’t imagine – I’d eat everything…

Anne’s advice to brides planning their desserts, pretty straight forward: “Offer what excites you.” She brings up a valid point, this day is supposed to be all about you and your partner for life so pick something delicious you each enjoy to share with your loved ones. She’s also started to notice a trend, especially here in Minnesota/the Midwest, of creating delicious experiences. Offering something ‘different’ like a s’mores station or an ice cream bar can just be the beginning – but allowing your guests to build their own desserts could be a fun and interactive way to make your day memorable.

Oh – and her favorite goodie (as least today) is Monkeybread, so you know she’s an awesome person 🙂

You can get in touch with Honey & Rye by reaching out to them on Facebook or check out their site here. I’d love to introduce you as well – we can grab coffee and a cookie and chat about your upcoming nuptials!

Don’t forget to check out their delicious goodies in our upcoming styled shoot – live on the site on 3/21!


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