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Floral is such an important part of your wedding day. It can tie a theme together or provide necessary color to what can otherwise be a relatively white and black day. Floral is an art and a science – meeting the visual and aesthetic ideal of the client (the bride?) but also knowing what can or cannot go with what (fruits with flowers – not always a good idea!). Playing with beautiful flowers and creating unforgettable arrangements is a long term dream of mine, but for now I’ll leave it to the experts and watch/learn. I met today’s featured vendor, Emily of Blossom Studio MPLS, helping out a different florist. Hearing her say “I’m starting my own floral business” was SO inspirational, so inspirational in fact it encourage me to continue to reach out to local florists to continue to learn. I certainly hope to partner with her soon on a styled shoot – but until then I’ll read our interview over and over and dream of how I can also chase my dreams. Emily – you’re a rock star!

“Growing up, I always had a fascination and appreciation for all things floral. I enjoy the

Minneapolis wedding floral designer

beauty and variety that flowers bring, limitless combinations of colors and textures that can be arranged in infinite ways. I love seeing the life of a flower from the new bud to the opened bloom. It’s a constantly evolving and refreshing art form which helps create different interest in each piece. Flowers signify a special moment in life and are a part of some of our most emotional moments in life.” Whoa, Emily – spoken so beautifully.

Being involved in the wedding industry for a few years with her sister (a planner) – Emily was able to pinpoint a part of the industry that called to her, floral. Graduating with a degree in Radio Broadcasting, she quickly realized a career in radio was not what she intended to do with her life. Trying jobs here and there it wasn’t until she found floral through the wedding industry that she really felt she had found her calling. She started working with Ashley Fox Designs last year and hasn’t looked back! Ashley creates her floral masterpieces in such a unique way – by letting the flowers/greens do what they do best! How she approaches design, style and functionality is such a gift, she lets the greens and blooms do what they want to do, trying to not limit her materials or herself in her creations. Ashley had played a mentor and inspiration to Emily – she too hopes to follow a similar philosophy with her designs as she starts to make her debut this season in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market.

Spring is such a beautiful time for floral, if your wedding is coming up some great blooms to keep in mind are, but certainly not limited to, peonies (Emily’s favorite!), lilac, Queen Anne’s lace along with all the great greens that are starting now, ivy and ferns. Looking for a mix of all the above? Emily is a lover of all types of textures and small details. Yes, the peonies may be the focal point but her pieces tend to focus on contrasts – whether that’s color, texture or structure.

Minneapolis floral design, wedding planning

For brides with spring or early summer weddings, time to get crackin’ on your floral now! Start pinning ideas or pull together some of your favorite colors to bring to your florist. Emily also recommends embracing your season, talk to your florist about in season florals, not only will it save costs but you’ll have the freshest flowers available. It’s also the most cost effective option (win win!). Are you dreaming of having local blooms? Shopping in season will also help you with this. While you can get peonies for your January wedding, it’s safe to say they’ll be bigger, more vibrant and potentially locally provided!

Not sure where to start? Emily says some fun 2016 trends include dramatic, cascading bouquets. Everything is bigger in 2016, she also says large, elaborate, handtied bouquets are also big. Included in both of those are unique flowers, such as King Protea or Tillandsia. Are you completely baffled about flowers? Feel free to reach out to Emily over on her website or I’m happy to connect you.


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