Travel Advice | Know your currency

If you travel like my husband and I do – you try to shove as many stops into your allotted 2-week corporate American allowance. Which might mean, 5 countries in 14 days, which does become obnoxious and annoying and exhausting and confusing. Country hopping in Europe is usually easy with the Euro helping the issue in terms of switching currency. Southeast Asia, not the easiest, Central America – even worse. Who know that Scandinavia hopping would prove to be just as confusing as SEA when it came to currency.

Honestly, for the story I’m about to tell you – we do not have the excuse of being confused, we’re simply dumb. JK, we were jet lagged, still in a haze of wedded bliss from saying ‘I do’ only two days before, so double checking our math was the last thing on our mind.

Our first evening in Norway was horrible. I barely could keep my eyes open, let alone my head off the table for a lil’ snooze. The beautiful Norwegians didn’t approve. After a very disastrous car pick up and an even more horrifying drive to our hotel – somehow the hubs and I arrived at the hotel in Bergen and we set off to explore. We were both running on fumes but insisted on stopping for some beers and then sushi. We were in bed by 7 and dead to the world for 14 hours.

The next day was much better! We figured out the road signs, we stuffed ourselves a the morning buffet and then hopped in our econo-sized car and headed north to Oye. Every turn was so incredibly breath taking, we took a few fun time lapse videos from our car dash and made our way down winding roads of Norway. We were in heaven.

Honeymoon ideas for Norway, MN wedding planner and coordinator

We continued our floating on cloud 9 once we hit our destination, the minuscule sized city of Oye. The hotel we were staying at (as well as many ghosts) was the only hotel and the only restaurant in the village. So knowing what our plans were for the night (obviously only eating at this one location…………….) we headed out to explore the town. We saw some houses, a river, a fjord, some mountains and were overwhelmed by the smell of pooh. Once we realized our clothes were going to smell like poop, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up before heading down to the sitting room. We played some cards, enjoyed some wine and beer and relaxed.

Then it was dinner time. We opted for the dinner with a wine pairing, after looking at the menu and seeing two options (these are made up numbers):
Option A: blahblahblahblahNorwegianmumbojumbo $3000kroner
Option B: blahblahblah $5000kroner
We opted for option B with the assumption it was both the dinner and the wine pairings.

OMG that was the meal that the gods had sent down on the backs of unicorns and was originally meant for only the mermaids and mermen. Literally, unbelievable. I had aperitif and they kept that wine glass LOADED. After our 2 hour meal of pure perfection, we headed up to bed only to wake up in cold sweats in fear that the ghosts were watching us.

Minnesota wedding planner and coordinator, bridal support by leeah
Haunted for sure…

In the morning we packed up, grabbed a few postcards and got ready to check out. We knew we had splurged but had forgotten a few things: those pre-dinner drinks were NOT on the house, oh and Norway taxes alcohol at 100%. The meal we thought was max $200 was almost 3 x’s that. I casually excused myself from the situation (we both knew well enough that if not I would have had a complete mental breakdown). My lovely husband wrapped up the issue at hand and joined me in the car where we drove in silence for about a half hour before breaking into hysterical laughter.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.



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