Unique Venue | The Bachelor Farmer

Everyone wants to have a unique and memorable wedding – like duh. What makes it unique and memorable is, of course, different for every couple. Venue, food, flowers – whatever your thing might be, The Bachelor Farmer has got a loonnnggg list of interesting features, here’s just a few:

Their chef was the winner of the prestigious James Beard Award (aka the yummiest of all foods)? Check!
Voted best restaurant in the city by City Pages? Done!
Incredible sommelier’s selecting your wine pairings? Absolutely!
An awesomely decorated/designed/curated space that requires no effort on your part? Yes.

Here, take a look at beautiful space (and couples)…

the bachelor farmer Minneapolis wedding venue

Located in the north loop, TBF provides a unique space for all types of events. The mix and match options (all of which are impeccably decorated),allows couples to select just as much space as they need. From a single room rental for 20, to the rental of the entire top floor allows TBF to host up to 100 guests for your special day. Costs of course vary based on size, which rooms are selected and date.

Great venue for small Minneapolis weddings

The venue also provides sample timelines, menus and cocktails to help ease your nerves when it comes to planning all the little details. With in house wine and beer directors as well as award winning chefs and a talented pastry team – all of your consumables will be top notch!

Flowers by Artemisia Studios  http://www.artemisiastudios.com/
Photos by Jessica Holleque – Blog post can be found here
Unique MN venues, wedding coordination help

unique venue, adorable couple, incredible photography, minneapolis wedding coordinator

Whatever your criteria may be, looking for a smaller venue, Norwegian roots, foodies or eclectic souls – The Bachelor Farmer has one of the most unique spaces in the city. Feel free to reach out to them directly or send me a note via my contact page to get the conversations started.

Say I do in a unique space, The Bachelor Farmer

Photos by Shuttersmack– Blog post can be found here 
Thank you talented photographers for letting me use your images, thank you beautiful couples for letting me share the happiest day of your lives together and thank you TBF for letting a lil’ ol’ blog like BSBL feature your incredible space! #grateful

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