Introducing: Kylie!

What were you doing this past Saturday in the blistering heat?! Sitting in your air conditioned house, or perhaps swimming in a lake? Hopefully, whatever you were doing – you were staying cool. I was sweating to death and hanging out with a pretty cool cat – Kylie! She’s a BSBL new hire and will be working a few weddings with me this year and I couldn’t be more excited!! Not only is she a red-head (which if you know me, you know about 80% of my friends are red-heads) but she’s also a fellow wanderluster, olive lover and board game aficionado (basically my twin soul).
She’s a graduate of the U and studied Anthropology. I must say this sets her up pretty well to be in the wedding industry – I wonder if she knows if mother of the bride’s have always been the alpha? I kid, I kid. But really, it has to be helpful in her line of work – nonprofits. About to start her job with Big Brothers, Big Sisters – Kylie’s background in nonprofits has also included event coordination. Eventually, she’d love to combine her love for weddings, events and nonprofits by starting her own journey into entrepreneurship – I hope I can teach her a few things but I anticipate she’s going to to teach me more. In the meantime, while she chases her dreams, I’m glad to have her as support to continue to chase mine!
Welcome, Kylie – I’m so excited to have you on board!
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Photo cred: Open Air Journal

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