Wedding Day | L&A

6.11.16 – We came, we hustled, we sweated and cried. It was a beautiful, hot and busy day on that yacht out on the Mississippi. But as always, the hugs and smiles at departure time from the bride and groom was worth all the sweat that had poured out of me just a few hours before. While boat weddings prove to be very difficult to orchestrate, I’d say the 3-amigos (the DJ, the photographer and myself) managed very well.

The day started off in a rush – to be honest, the day wouldn’t have come together with the amazing help of Kylie! Placecards were set, tables were decorated, dancefloor decorations were hung all in about an hour! As guests started to arrive we organized the wedding party and cooled off in the AC (just for a second!). Show time was beautiful, the bride and groom said private vows out of reach from the microphones and it felt like the party started the second they walked down the aisle! Dinner was a blast, the speeches were heartfelt and entertaining, and the dance started the second the DJ started to play. It was a great night, full of love and celebration – everything a wedding should be!

Photographer Nicola Harger in action

Congratulations – so happy to have been part of your day!


beautiful sunset dance party for the june wedding in stillwater, minnesota


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