Local Vendor | Southside Aces

It’s been a while since I’ve done a vendor spotlight – and I’m SO SO excited about this one!
First – I’d like to provide a little bit of background to help you understand why I’m so very excited… My most favorite movie from high school, and probably still one of my favorites, Get Over It, features a marching band walking down the street with the main actor for the first scene of the movie. Since seeing this scene, I’ve always wanted to participate in a private parade that takes over the whole neighborhood.
Now that you know that, I’d like to introduce you to the ‘band’ (a New Orleans band specifically!) that almost brought my dream to life: the Southside Aces! They’ve been together for nearly 13 years, making events and weddings a blast to be at and bringing people’s dreams to reality every since! “The function of a New Orleans band is to be a part of the community, people’s living and celebrating, be it at a wedding or a funeral, and everything in between. I love to do concerts from a stage, but would always pick being in the thick of a celebration over that. We began doing weddings not too long after our beginnings. Although a New Orleans band at a wedding is a rare thing up here in Minnesota, each year sees an increase in the amount we do. We’ve been a part of roughly sixty weddings.”
wedding day coordinator, let me help you get organized!
I got the pleasure of working with these gentlemen at the wonderful wedding I did back in May. I must say – Tony is a dream to work with (organized, prompt, kind) but the band has mad skills! “A friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in five years called me out of the blue to say he met a sousaphone player at a party who wanted to start a New Orleans style dance hall band, so he thought of me. I got the number and called up the sousaphone player, and […]” now here they are, ready to throw a party anywhere they go!
While you’d certainly picture them playing at a Mardi Gras party or a more period-esque venue such as The Caves in St. Paul or the St. Paul Hotel – they love nothing more than leading a bridal party parade through the streets. “Like many bands, the Aces have been a part of everything from the ceremony through the last dance. But the unique thing we do is our second lines. Having the bride and groom leading a parade of their guests with us blowing the New Orleans style jazz. I love moving on down the sidewalk past the gawkers, slowing down traffic while the wedding party dances and throws their hands in the air.”
Don’t have a wedding coming up to book them for? You can still enjoy them every second Thursday at the Eagles in Minneapolis and regularly at Vieux Carré in St. Paul. Check out their calendar! However, if you are planning a wedding and are curious about their packages and pricing – reach out to me and I’ll happily connect you or right out to Tony Balluff via their website. If you do get him on the phone – ask him about the uniqueness of the music he plays (how old it is, how it makes you feel, etc.), he’ll sell you in a second!
Fun music pulled together by minneapolis wedding coordiantor
Let me introduce you to the Southside Aces!

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