Local Vendor : Nicola Harger Photography

I’ve met so many people in the last 10 months of being in the wedding industry! Everyone is so talented at their specific skill and it’s just oh-so-intimidating, let me tell you! From what it seems, you could reach out to anyone on any wedding website and usually get someone incredible. That’s pretty cool! I’ve been lucky enough to come into this industry knowing a lot of incredibly talented photographers – and also luck enough to know so many photographers with such different aesthetics. While the bright images that have been taking Instagram like crazy – with the pretty pastels and the airy, dreamy quality are pretty and have ‘wedding’ written all over them. My personal aesthetic is the dark, earthy, raw photography. When I met Nicola Harger back in June I had no idea what her photographer style was like, I just knew she was hardworking and incredibly helpful on that crazy wedding day – I liked her instantly. So when I finally took a second to look her up on Instagram, I fell in love immediately and could not WAIT to see the pictures from the event we had just worked. I also had to learn everything about her and, of course, then share it with you!
Perfection, captured by Nicola Harger
Nicola studied photojournalism at the UofM with the goal of wanting to shoot professionally. Started out as some side jobs working weddings and for a few different newspapers – pretty quickly she learned though that her love was capturing love and the best day of peoples’ lives! Her background in photojournalism helps that tremendously, focusing on “storytelling, photographing those small moments that make up the tenderness between two people or two families, moments that make you feel all the feels.”
capture your special day with raw, beautiful photography
Cred: Nicola Harger
Nicola’s relatively new (full-time) to the wedding indsutry, with 3 years under her belt so far – but her long term vision is to stay where the love is. Being able to narrow down her client base to shoot outdoor in the natural/organic kind of way would play to her strong suits as well as the vision of her brand. Those natural, organic type settings are certainly ideal for her aesthetic, however any love story is worth capturing. One special wedding, Madilyn and Benj’s – especially captured her heart, every second oozed joy in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Nicola recently relocated from MPLS to Nashville and her dream venue is the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in eastern TN. Any brides out there with national park weddings coming up? She’s your gal!
Does your photography Pinterest board look a lot like Nicola’s website or IG feed? Feel free to reach out to her via her website or let me know and I can put you two in contact!
mood lighting, perfect photography, nicola harger
Mood by Nicola Harger

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